The future of salons

Helping individuals have good sense of being about their looks by offering salon services as well as products is the most important aspect of operating a beauty salon company. Regardless of you being the owner of a salon now or wanting to be an owner, it’s vital to understand where this industry is making for within the few years to come.

Getting to know regarding the general business, together with the writing down of a business sketch that integrates this information is of help in determining if the beauty business is the correct business for you.


Going by a SBDCNet report an approximate of 82,000 of the beauty salons and 4,000 of the barber shops fetched an approximate of $20 billion in yearly sales in the year of 2012. Petite salons have a great deal of contribution to the business, with 50 greatest corporations drawing as little as 15% of general returns. The intended price and patrons of such businesses cover the extent from high-end, deluxe services to budget-friendly haircut salons. Thus, the industry segment that you target is dependent on what you wish offering and also whether a market is present in your neighborhood for those forms of salon services as well as products.

Target marketplace

According to SBDCNet People aged between 35 and 64 years expend between 10 and 14% in excess of what the average do on beauty items and services. The finest target marketplace includes households having kids due to them spending between 34 and 38% in excess of than the standard. Franchise Help says that selling of hair as well as skin care items in conjunction with salon services for men is an upward market, also. This Beauty Salon Ealing is an example. If you’re keen on selling haircare items besides salon services, try and concentrate on families having female kids due to them spending as much as 83% more compared to families sans children.

Growth inclinations

The expansion likeliness of a beauty salon is dependent on various aspects, among which are the features of your target marketplace and the expansion of the population close at hand. You must also be updated on the hottest beauty practices, examples being offering of innovative coloring services/ or skin care therapies, for capitalizing on any expansion opportunities. This Beauty Salon Ealing offers such services. Returns expansion in the business is anticipated to go up by 3.3% yearly, partially as a result of people having additional disposable earnings for spending on services that are on the higher end, examples being massages, facials, and unique skin care items. The Professional Beauty Association is of the opinion that number of spots existing in the beauty business is anticipated to experience a 16% rise from 2010 through to 2020. Thus, finding knowledgeable salon employees is likely to become trickier.


With turnovers projected to get to $49.3 billion by the end of 2017, pristine salons are going to open up, thus creating additional rivalry for thriving businesses. SBDCNet is of the opinion that there is going to be 1.3 million salon as well as barber shop proprietors by the end of 2017. According to Forbes, the expenditure of getting a salon started is nominal, with several leases going for as low as $75 – $200 monthly in a number of locations. Due to this, there is likely to be more competition in a number of areas.