Why Visit a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that helps us maintain a nice and a white smile by offering some teeth fixing methods that a regular dentist does not. Unlike the regular dentists, these dentists look after the appearance of our teeth; but, they are still dentists, which means than they can also help with the cavities and other problems that inflict our teeth. So, how can they help us start smiling with a perfect smile again?

Well, the cosmetic dentists are most famous for teeth whitening. This is something that they are most known for. There are two ways for a dentist to whiten your teeth: in office, or to provide you with the tools to do it at home.

Cosmetic dentists such as The Wellington Clinic,can also bond your teeth; which basically means that they look if you have too much space between the teeth, but also if the teeth are in good order. Then, they bond those teeth, so that they get a lot closer to each other. This can be a problem, because that space between the teeth is a place where the food remnants hide and cause cavities later.

Veneers are also provided by a cosmetic dentist, and during that process, they cover your teeth with a layer of porcelain to protect your teeth, and to retain their previous shape. They are not that expensive and can help the patients that have problems with spaces between teeth, chipped teeth, stained, crooked and misshaped teeth.

Cosmetic dentists also deal with crowns or caps as they are also called. They are the top parts of our teeth and some people need to have them added because their teeth have been misshapen, weakened, broken, have large visible fillings, or are added to cover various dental aids, such as dental bridges, dental implants or root canals.

Enamel shaping is something that a cosmetic dentist deals with as well. During that procedure, the dentist restores the shape of a tooth or improves it. This process could correct crocked teeth, chipped teeth, irregular teeth or various minor problems caused by a bite.

Of course, what would a dentist be if they didn’t offer braces? We all know what they’re used for, and some of us have even worn them as kids. Nonetheless, it’s not only kids that wear them, as there are braces for adults. In fact, there are multiple types of braces.

Also, cosmetic dentists work with bridges, which are sometimes called fixed partial dentures. This is used to replace the teeth that are missing with teeth that are artificial. They can be made of various elements; some like silver or gold teeth, but most people just want the plane white version.

Besides all of this, cosmetic dentists also deal with several other issues such as some operations that may improve your smile. They include fixing uneven gum lines, long or short teeth, exposed roots, and various other problems. But also, as it was said at the beginning of this article, these cosmetic dentists can also fix the problems that regular dentists usually do, but the good thing is that they can do it while making your smile a lot more beautiful.